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?L3J'x[01. 洞中之鼠(瓮中之鳖) a rat in the hole—bottled up; trapped

.L)O"Ucr4r/w0 商务英语词汇zWNp `]"p)w

2. 鼠目寸光 see only what is under one’s nose; as short-sighted as mice; not see beyond the end of one’s nose
-G8l_;H4_9\0商务英语词汇 Y\"}z5P,?)ig5x~ n.Q
3. 猫哭老鼠 shed crocodile tears; the cat weeping over the dead mouse


4f.qwIkg {1s5C04. 抱头鼠窜/捧头鼠窜/掉头鼠窜 cover the head and sneak the way like a rat; scurry (or scamper) off like a frightened rat商务英语词汇,W ]:}_|n*u,kQ`(^

l:c\;f:M8C05. 胆小如鼠 as timid as a mouse; mouse like timidity;


)_Q S!{eW l4}h06. 狗拿耗子多管闲事 狗逮老鼠 poke one’s nose into other people’s business; a dog trying to catch mice商务英语词汇+o&?+|1cF ~;P7z2in!CP

)_en _ iRYm07. 过街老鼠 a person hated by people; a person or thing that provokes a hue and cry

I1S*g Z!uz0

+fM XXCnh3r08. 鼠肚鸡肠 鼠腹鸡肠 pretty;narrow-minded商务英语词汇:N,H6[&O5l

商务英语词汇 I)BY#aQF:rv}hE

9. 鼠窃狗偷 filch like rats and snatch like dogs—play petty tricks on the sly商务英语词汇KEh&s e d-]bB

aR \+DWg010.以狸致鼠、以冰致绳 using cats as to catch rats, treating ice as ropes—which is unsuccessful


a4Q.A R4{s011.掘室求鼠 dig house to find rats--- try to save a little only to lose a lot; penny wise and pound foolish

Sf(C|_:k%z,X0 商务英语词汇f(^#mIl7[/m

12.贼头鼠脑 贼眉鼠眼 shifty-eyed; thievish-looking商务英语词汇Gt4m)GJPj7c0}

,_#Nodo(t013. 马捉老鼠 比喻瞎忙乱 a horse running after rats—one is busy without useful results

J)D#c3}5L;d0 商务英语词汇q.L'\iIE%Z#I

14. 猫鼠同处 猫鼠同眠 act in collision; conspire; gang up商务英语词汇V r-Lc8N"r^Gl

BO$\mVl_H015. 瞎猫碰上死耗子 Every dog has his day. / Everyone has good days.商务英语词汇U{zBo:I

O1h VW.PKN^0与“鼠”有关的短语

Y*E,D2nGA/Ob R0

g*VS-wtH,?01. smell a rat 怀疑某事不对头,另有文章商务英语词汇9M4IL ed;m k B

商务英语词汇(}+N {X%U"b9i

2. play cat and mouse/ play a cat-and-mouse game with someone 对某人时冷时热,时好时坏

S bxa5mb*`&Q;R B"Qj0 商务英语词汇A;LwR{ fsx~*TB

3. as quiet as a mouse 不出声,无声响商务英语词汇j&NS+k|

商务英语词汇#b q W^?1gk.R@4T

4. the rat race 激烈竞争(尤指为保住职位、地位)

|gIN%LW0 商务英语词汇1~-gou6z8b%egM

5. look like a drowned rat 像落汤鸡商务英语词汇#Wg(eiuG&{ ZCw

商务英语词汇 a1j7K*B{$p/eb3g-e

6. go ratting 抓老鼠

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