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春节相关英语词汇 Spring Festival Words

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商务英语词汇4Z1q,t y:}&L^

节日名 Greeting season

*F'j ` l;Z1a0Hy0 商务英语词汇/T%cx @LL

春节 The Spring Festival
I*R;{vQGi#A~ hv0农历 lunar calendar商务英语词汇:[3x#wgz9W Sjx"l
正月 lunar January; the first month by lunar calendar
`9}3} a)d$H/h1AW0除夕 New Year's Eve; eve of lunar New Year
u7PteB9V)QJ5O0初一 the beginning of New Year商务英语词汇8^mG6J1L;l
元宵节 The Lantern Festival

f#g9c5I(~/{0 商务英语词汇*O5P%V0uH&_cG+Za F

习俗 Customs


#M| F0i;Ox%al6H(c0过年 Guo-nian; have the Spring Festival
4f'f(cZ,]0对联 poetic couplet: two successive rhyming lines in poetry
FHk+ABu\(bnY0春联 Spring Festival couplets
`6WX?/KMY)a0剪纸 paper-cuts
S y6SP*ULH[d0年画 New Year paintings
$Sj T.?0Z)`P\"ha0买年货 special purchases for the Spring Festival ; do Spring Festival shopping
w}F)B$`{0敬酒 propose a toast
iw o2X9uqT0灯笼 lantern: a portable light商务英语词汇.J/k8L"g&e!dF
烟花 fireworks
E+a,g[%wm0爆竹 firecrackers (People scare off evil spirits and ghosts with the loud pop.)商务英语词汇f9x8dOB^3Z,It
舞狮 lion dance (The lion is believed to be able to dispel evil and bring good luck.)
$NCw9Q#NC+?8I,l0舞龙 dragon dance (to expect good weather and good harvests)
5]m5f*s[a@0戏曲 traditional opera
CI9Yx2eH1gi0杂耍 variety show; vaudeville商务英语词汇:^ {8t\+z
灯谜 riddles written on lanterns
lw4k9dfR6y0灯会 exhibit of lanterns商务英语词汇S;?n"P`.YX8J&@
守岁 staying-up商务英语词汇y$b2oB t.XB
拜年 pay New Year's call; give New Year's greetings; New Year's visit商务英语词汇8et'sA7z*r
禁忌 taboo
6a0s*fR,P0去晦气 get rid of the ill- fortune
K#Z5kz0_9|5^s^ PP0祭祖宗 offer sacrifices to one's ancestors
d:C%laS0G#\l6Gn)Y0压岁钱 gift money; money given to children as a lunar New Year gift商务英语词汇]V)[#[qW
Culture Note: In the old days, New Year's money was given in the form of one hundred copper coins strung together on a red string and symbolized the hope that one would live to be a hundred years old. Today, money is placed inside red envelopes in denominations considered auspicious and given to represent luck and wealth
6TEn0Z0A u{6GC0辞旧岁 bid farewell to the old year
?0?2O1{ nc0扫房 spring cleaning; general house-cleaning商务英语词汇IPQ#X/\b h:S

RuYQ`"fLO j q#l0祝福语 Blessings

d [)xA J\at0b0

B o*x*_@0金玉满堂 Treasures fill the home商务英语词汇^_{o1QGt
生意兴隆 Business flourishes
:]fL@4}G1GM kx"s0岁岁平安 Peace all year round商务英语词汇W C7U,@*Dg8d R'q9lw7F
恭喜发财 Wishing you prosperity
7AW4I:V/`'p$W8y0和气生财 Harmony brings wealth商务英语词汇] ` q {.i/NfrZ
心想事成 May all your wishes come true商务英语词汇7`JY MyQg:g? c
吉祥如意 Everything goes well商务英语词汇(U\2~`sE/Y
国泰民安 The country flourishes and people live in peace商务英语词汇I6Qtw A uIK`:l&C
招财进宝 Money and treasures will be plentiful
px*u)pATF0一帆风顺 Wishing you every success商务英语词汇d6G"Q8`+U
步步高升 Promoting to a higher position商务英语词汇5b2\5qvO0\$|}F
出入平安 Safe trip wherever you go商务英语词汇0x gv$^0z vpK
祝您新的一年快乐幸福!Wish you happiness and prosperity in the coming year!
~R4hd!Of0祝您事业成功,家庭美满 Wish you success in your career and happiness of your family!商务英语词汇1Ng8fR*R$g

5cR_Mo!A0食品 Food

/Q |?b3Cw5PI$r0 商务英语词汇7Lh E?N$Yz

年糕 Nian-gao; rise cake; New Year cake
j`t6E%t0团圆饭 family reunion dinner
"m1Z:Rx5Pz0年夜饭 the dinner on New Year's Eve商务英语词汇G Q aV"j%n
饺子 Jiao-zi; Chinese meat ravioli
:H;t!{1Fy!Qc m,x0汤圆 Tang-yuan; dumplings made of sweet rice, rolled into balls and stuffed with either sweet or spicy fillings商务英语词汇_{)e9NrSWck
糖果盘 candy tray商务英语词汇 Sl!{V(V.E
什锦糖 assorted candies - sweet and fortune商务英语词汇v)W,gl0IL
蜜冬瓜 candied winter melon - growth and good health
,Ha4Nt2ha o0M%Tu0金桔 cumquat - prosperity商务英语词汇+X7i:e(^1z5r8[
糖莲子 candied lotus seed - many descendents to come商务英语词汇vr$}%\(I3H [{f T:B
糖藕 candied lotus root - fulfilling love relationship
u/a-^q:G Y2t0红枣 red dates - prosperity商务英语词汇uSc:EK_'ox`4A/gg
花生糖 peanut candy - sweet商务英语词汇-\}'DW bk

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